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The books of Anup Rej include: 1) a new creation story of the universe, 2) a social-political perspective based on the understanding of the “symphony of the cosmos”, 3) a moral philosophy which aspires to guide social evolution by creating foundation of values and visions related to the higher-nature of man, 4) a description of personal life where scientific reason and spiritual experiences contradict and at the same time synthesize understanding about the deeper nature of human existence, 5) an epic journey of universal man through different realms of consciousness creating the foundation of a multidimensional reality of life. 6) as well as a dialogue between “Christ-man” and God which is of mystical origin.  


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Anup Rej has created paintings in water colours, acrylic and oil, made sculptures in bronze and stone, and produced artworks in metals among others. His art works are mostly mythological and surreal in nature and deeply connected to  the relations of earthly life to the cosmos and the supernatural. His main artworks are “Art Without beginning and End Moving Through the Cycle of Life Death and resurrection” and “Windows of Light” and “A Gate to the Inner Realm”.

Without bearing any prejudice or faith in a mathematical model of the universe Anup Rej has analysed the observational data of the large large structures like galaxy clusters as well as smaller cosmic structures like stars and come to the conclusion about the fractal nature of the universe. The structures in all scales take forms following similar mechanisms which involve the existence of a triple spiral at the heart of all cosmic bodies. The universe, which he proposes, organizes itself in a similar way in all scales which can be depicted as a fractal knot. The evolution of the knot decides the morphological changes in the structures as they occur when the structures are born, grow and decay. He has described the dynamics of this universe in his book “Timelessness in Time: A Journey Through a Designed Universe”.  

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Anup Rej is born in a Bengali family in Calcutta in 1945. He has received Ph.D. in theoretical Nuclear Physics from the University of Calcutta and lived in many countries in the East and the West since he left India in 1971. He has  also been interested in arts and literature since his childhood. His main works include a new theory of creation of the universe without beginning and end where cosmos acts as the source of profoundest order and harmony behind all existing beings. His literary-philosophical epic “Tathagata`s Journey” relates the journey of the universal man through multiple realms of consciousness. His  artistic activities span from paintings in different media to stone sculptures: They include the exhibitions “Art without Beginning and End”, “Windows of Light” and “Gate to the Inner Realm”. Apart from rational scientific thinking, mystic experiences have coloured much of his life, which are reflected in his  literary and philosophical works. Moreover, he has also been deeply engaged in the questions of social-political system which may provide the human beings the best opportunities to explore and experience ways to freedom, meaning , social harmony and order. He has also sought newer direction in the development of music composition and written lyrics for Bengali Songs (Songs of Light). Together with his wife Ragne Birte Lund  he has built a cultural garden by Sognefjord in the western coast of Norway, called “Garden of Ligt”, which reflects his vision of cosmos and philosophical-spiritual understanding of the inner dimensions of life.  

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The ideas of Anup Rej about how a new social-political order can be brought to life which may one day replace the modern idea of democracy of equal rights of all in a participatory process deciding the social evolution. The enlightened social order gives priority to the establishment of universal values applicable to all and a vision of a higher evolution of human society beyond the arena of need and greed tied to the animal kingdom. Enlightened vision is a vision of social development which will guide human beings to understand the wholeness of the cosmos to which one belongs, and the entanglement of all in a cosmic harmony, which makes all life equally meaningful. It is a way to caste off the darkness of ignorance and discover one`s own potential to know and experience the creative and loving dimensions of human life embedded in a universe of wonder and awe. In this vision social evolution is synonymous to the higher evolution of man.

Music and Songs Cultural retreat

 Another field of interest of Anup Rej is music and songs. He has delved with music theory and  musical composition through visual process. He has experimented with digital music as well music piece as an animated sculpture evolving and progressing with time. He has sought to find a foundation of music in natural growth processes in the living and the non-livings worlds, as well as in the dynamics of the universe.


A retreat by the waterfront by Sognefjord, where the longest fjord of Norway is widest and deepest. It is a place where Anup Rej wishes to inspire fellow human beings to make a journey along an enlightened shore. Here one may discuss about the universe, meaning of life, moral philosophy, and the ideas about how to build an enlightened social-order among others. The retreat includes a small concert place and an art studio, where Anup Rej develops his ideas of music and pursues artworks. The garden is decorated with symbols and sculptures which provides a universal framework of reflection about an enlightened journey of life.

Philosophical and Spiritual Quest

This site is structured as follows: First is the introduction which has a general part (introduction 1) and a personal part (introduction 2). In the general part the views about spirituality and how one`s spiritual power may be directed to achieve a goal of creating movements towards higher social evolution is discussed. In the personal part the following stories are told: 1) How he has walked across darkness and arrived at a realm where he has found meaning and freedom he seeks; 2) What vision has guided him and which values have been the foundations of his living and acting in the world; 3) How does he perceive the realm of “reality” and engage in discovering the unknown realms of the mind; 4) How does he experience the existence of God as a mystic; and 5) his dream of the evolution of the societies towards an “enlightened social-order”.